Supply Chain Management With Mendix

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Supply chain management using Mendix is a Real-time platform to manage and track the end-to-end flow of materials from point of origin to point of consumption including quality checks at every point in the journey. This can be implemented in any supply chain ecosystem to have transparent process management, easy to track, and visualize the entire process in a dashboard on your computer, tablet or mobile.


Provides a holistic view of the entire Supply Chain network, tracking every step including counts and quality checks.

  • Overview – This section displays the number hoods at every status -> Hoods extracted, processed, cut, pressed, and assembled. Each batch is assigned a unique Id and processed together as a single unit.
  • Efficiency – This progress bar shows the efficiency of this entire system for the selected timeframe.
  • Quality Check – This pie chart shows the percentage of good quality hoods and defective hoods for the selected timeframe.
  • Defective Hoods by Status – The donut chart shows a percentage comparison of defective hoods in Assembled and Pressed status for the selected timeframe.
  • Production Count – This chart displays the Hoods produced in the last 7 days for all the five stages -> Extracted, Processed, Cut, Pressed, and Assembled.


Provides a detailed view for every stage in the supply chain process for a specific batch Id.

This solution can be implemented in any Industry for any product. Mendix enables users to build solutions efficiently with minimal coding.


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