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Warranty Tracking Application built in Mendix enables organizations to efficiently track warranty claims and manage warranty-related data in real-time. It allows customers to submit warranty claims, and businesses to manage warranty periods, parts inventory, and labor costs. The application provides real-time data analytics, reporting, and dashboards, enabling organizations to monitor warranty performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions. With this application, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, increase warranty recovery, and reduce warranty costs.

PROLIM’s Warranty Tracking Application built using Mendix simplifies warranty management, provides visibility into claims, inventory, and labor costs. With real-time data analytics and reporting, businesses can monitor performance and make informed decisions to improve customer satisfaction, increase warranty recovery, and reduce costs.

Key Features:

A solution that will automate/digitize their Warranty claim process.

Management will be able to view the claims reports and review the details of each claim.

Customers will track the claim’s status & correspond with potential queries.

Based on the type of claim, it will be routed to the appropriate department.

Customers will submit claims through a website form.

Multiple levels of seamless approval workflows can be effortlessly set up

The solution will also provide analytics on the warranty claims process

Approver will be allowed to delegate to another individual when required.

Automated Warranty Claim process

Using a website link, user can fill a claim form with details such as customer information, vehicle details and tire related information like the serial number, type, manufacturer name, purchased date etc.

Experience a hassle-free claim submission process with our intuitive system. Submit your claim effortlessly and receive a prompt confirmation email, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.

Track the status of your claim with ease! Our user-friendly system allows you to monitor the progress of your claim in real-time.  Experience hassle-free claim tracking today

Employees of Tire Manufacturer will have the following functionality available to them

Effortlessly track and manage user claims with our advanced system.

Efficiently review and approve claims submitted by users with our streamlined system

Improve the efficiency of claim approval by allowing for extra approvers.

warranty tracker app

Re-direct the claim to certain approvers/teams based on the selected category.

Management will be able to view specific reports and analytics options.

Delegate their approval authority to a different individual.


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