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Mendix provides open and extensible integration capabilities that allow it to easily work with your current application, cloud services, and development tools

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Seamlessly Integrate Mendix with Your Enterprise Ecosystem

At Mendix, we understand the importance of integrating your applications with your existing ecosystem of enterprise solutions. That’s why we have built our low-code platform with openness as a cornerstone, ensuring that every level of the Mendix Platform and Mendix applications is open and extensible.

seamless integrate

Here are some of the ways that Mendix seamlessly integrates with your ecosystem:

Open Standards and APIs:

Built with open standards and open-source platform functionality, Mendix provides APIs for integration with third-party security and application lifecycle services.

Model API & Platform SDK:

Mendix’s Model API and Platform SDK provide access to your core application artifacts from third-party tools, making it easier to collaborate with your existing development teams.

Open Data Standards and Data Hub:

Mendix empowers developers to access data where and when they need it through open data standards and Data Hub.

Platform & Application Extensibility:

Mendix’s platform and application extensibility ensure that there are no limitations in customizing Mendix to meet your enterprise needs.

Collaborative Development with Open, Accessible, and Sharable Models 

Mendix’s collaborative visual development approach brings business users and developers together to build better software faster. With Mendix, you can build your core intellectual property in application models that are fully open, accessible, and sharable. Here are some of the ways that Mendix supports open, accessible, and sharable models:

Open Model Specification

Mendix is the only low-code development platform to publish all application models, including domain model, logic model, and UI model, in an open model specification. This means that your models are fully transparent and easily accessible to all team members, promoting collaboration and efficiency.

Model API and SDK for Platform

Mendix’s Model API and Platform SDK make it simpler to work with your current development teams and interact with your existing ecosystem of enterprise solutions by giving third-party tools access to your key application assets.

Collaborative Visual Development

Mendix’s visual development approach allows business users and developers to work together to build better software faster. By providing a shared development environment, team members can collaborate in real-time, share ideas, and create better applications 

limitless api

Limitless Extensibility with Mendix APIs 

Mendix’s low-code platform offers limitless extensibility, thanks to our comprehensive APIs for all core platform functionality. With these APIs, Mendix can seamlessly integrate within your IT landscape, providing flexibility and control over how you build and manage your applications. 

Here are some of the ways that Mendix’s APIs support platform extensibility: 

User Management API:

Mendix offers a User Management API, allowing you to integrate your choice of Identity & Access Management systems seamlessly. 

Open Service Broker API:

Mendix supports the Open Service Broker API, enabling applications to find and bind to third-party platform-level services, such as message queues or databases.

Build Server and Deploy APIs:

Mendix’s Build Server and Deploy APIs allow you to automate your CI/CD pipeline using automation servers such as Jenkins or Gitlab CI.

Extend Your Apps Beyond Standards with Mendix 


Mendix’s low-code platform provides an ever-expanding library of hundreds of building blocks, made available by Mendix and third-party providers. With this library, visual developers have access to a wide range of pre-built functionality, making it easy to build applications quickly and efficiently. 


Mendix allows developers to create their own custom app extensions in Java or Scala using tools like as IntelliJ, Eclipse, and Visual Studio. These bespoke app extensions can be packaged for visual developers as drag-and-drop components apps.


web api

Mendix also makes it easy to consume and map web APIs in REST/JSON or SOAP into Mendix data models. This allows developers to integrate third-party services and data sources seamlessly into their applications, extending the capabilities of their applications beyond what is possible with standard functionality. 


mendix extensions

Furthermore, app functionality itself can be exposed via web APIs, enabling other applications to consume and leverage the functionality provided by your Mendix apps. This level of flexibility and openness makes it easy to build applications that integrate with your existing IT landscape and provide the functionality you need to meet your business needs. 


leverage mendix api

By leveraging Mendix’s custom app extensions, web API integration, and web API exposure, you can extend the capabilities of your applications beyond standard functionality and build applications that meet your unique business needs. 


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