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The Key to Solving Problems in App Development

Empathy is an essential aspect of the design thinking process, particularly when it comes to app development. As the problems that development teams are trying to solve often don’t belong to them, they must first understand an app’s intended users, their behaviors, and motivations. This deep understanding helps to uncover insights that refine the fundamental problem that the team aims to solve.


Putting yourself in the user’s shoes


Transforming user data into insights


Develop concepts based on the results


Building the model based on your ideas


Run, test, build and improvement the result

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Rapid App Design with Mendix and Cross-Functional Collaboration

By leveraging the profound comprehension of users obtained during the empathy stage, cross-functional teams can utilize Mendix to swiftly brainstorm and refine novel application designs. This approach involves exploring a broad range of possibilities to uncover more innovative and effective solutions to users’ issues.

  • Enable subject-matter experts to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes rapidly by utilizing the WYSIWYG development environment.
  • Efficiently construct and customize screens by utilizing a diverse range of reusable UI components provided by the Atlas UI Framework.
  • While constructing apps, live previewing allows developers to work with end-users, gather feedback, and rapidly iterate on designs.

By utilizing the Mendix low-code platform, your teams can maintain their focus on users during the entire process of app design and development, resulting in the creation of applications that successfully meet both user requirements and business objectives.

  • Foster active participation of business users throughout the entire application lifecycle via a comprehensive collaboration portal.
  • Quickly share functional prototypes or MVPs with users to initiate collection and iteration based on genuine user feedback.
  • Consistently gather valuable insights with a feedback loop integrated into the development environment.

With Mendix, your teams can develop functional prototypes that can seamlessly transform into production applications, which eliminates the need for disposable mockups and saves a considerable amount of time and effort.

  • Enhance prototypes with intricate logic and integrations using the Desktop Modeler, encouraging collaboration through a common visual language.
  • Progressively develop solutions using integrated tools for agile project management such as user stories, sprints, and backlogs.
  • Deploy and scale successful applications rapidly by leveraging the built-in high availability and failover features for Web-scale operations.

With Atlas UI, your UX team can establish a unified design language for developers to utilize in their applications, thereby encouraging uniformity and repurposing throughout your portfolio of apps.

  • Develop a comprehensive design language for your organization that incorporates your brand’s theme along with tailor-made page templates, building blocks, and widgets.
  • Bundle personalized UI components into a branded starter application and disseminate it through Mendix’s private App Store to jumpstart development.
  • Enable developers who lack UI design expertise to deliver exceptional user experiences by utilizing reusable UI elements grounded in industry best practices.

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