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Developing applications for large-scale organizations & address intricate business issues by rapidly creating and deploying low-code applications at a large scale 

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Create Applications That Enable and Support Key Business Objectives

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For enterprises aiming to achieve their business objectives, developing tailor-made business applications is crucial. 

  • Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction through improved experiences.
  • Boost collaboration and streamline efficiency within the organization.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition to cloud-based systems and infrastructure.
  • Ensure longevity and adaptability of business processes through future-proofing measures.

The need for enterprise applications is growing rapidly, but traditional IT delivery methods are struggling to keep up, resulting in resource constraints and slow progress.

While the benefits of faster application development are clear, the process itself can seem daunting due to various obstacles in the way.

For enterprises aiming to achieve their business objectives, developing tailor-made business applications is crucial.

Obstacles to Building Enterprise Applications

Quickly coordinate e-business applications through revolutionary catalysts.

Obsolete systems and applications

Obsolete systems are arduous to maintain and do not adapt well to new technologies or changing business processes, resulting in higher costs and technical debt. 

Difficulties in adapting to Agile

Agile offers more transparency into the app development life cycle, but traditional approaches result in delays in production, poor app quality, and increased expenses. 

Scarcity of talent and resources

The shortage of developers has made it challenging to acquire and retain talent. Without adequate resources, enterprises cannot deliver apps quickly enough to remain competitive. 

Reducing communication gaps

Clear communication is essential when developing apps, but siloed departments and ever-evolving requirements often lead to apps that do not meet the expected standards. 

The use of low-code technology speeds up the development of applications

Enterprises can build game-changing applications 90% faster with low-code development compared to traditional methods. 

Low-code development streamlines process through automation and abstraction, enabling users of all skill levels to participate and giving professional developers more opportunities to innovate enterprise-wide solutions. 

Increase developer efficiency through visual user interfaces, reusable components, and workflow editors offered by a low-code application platform (LCAP). 

An LCAP enables organizations to enhance their application development capabilities. 

  • Ensure consistent app quality with automated testing. 
  • Develop and deliver seamless user experiences across multiple devices. 
  • Deliver easy-to-maintain and scalable solutions with cloud-native architecture. 
  • Embrace Agile and DevOps methodologies for development. 
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Transform your business with Mendix’s low-code platform for rapid and scalable app development.

Mendix offers features and capabilities that enable IT to overcome resource and systems challenges, accelerating every stage of the application development lifecycle.

Speedup app development process

Mendix accelerates the application development lifecycle with visual, model-driven development environments, Agile methodology, and DevOps tools and services.

Flexibility and adaptability

Mendix is open and extensible, allowing for reusable components and custom code incorporation. Platform APIs connect disparate systems and integrate data and logic from any source or service.

Native support for cloud environments

Mendix apps are containerized, portable, and resilient by default, allowing for easy deployment to public, private, and hybrid clouds or on-premises systems.

Integrated collaboration tools

Mendix offers built-in feedback management, project management, and other tools to streamline collaboration and support cross-departmental communication.

Security measures & compliance controls

Mendix provides trusted low-code governance guardrails and controls, with built-in tools for secure, compliant, and effective use of the Platform.

Mendix Marketplace

Mendix streamlines development with pre-built widgets, templates, and modules available in the Marketplace, created by Mendix, partners, and the community.


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