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Agile is an iterative and collaborative approach to software development that emphasizes flexibility and responsiveness to change. Mendix, a low-code development platform, is built with agile methodologies in mind. Mendix enables teams to quickly develop, deploy, and iterate on applications through its visual modeling and drag-and-drop interface.

The platform also supports continuous integration and delivery, which allows teams to deliver working software to users faster and more frequently. Mendix’s built-in collaboration and feedback tools facilitate communication and coordination among team members, making it easier to keep everyone aligned and on track with the project’s goals. Overall, Mendix’s support for agile development makes it a powerful tool for organizations looking to develop and deliver high-quality software quickly and efficiently.

The limitations of traditional development for achieving agility

Siloed Business and IT

When business and IT operate in silos, there is a risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding, leading to errors and rework.

Poor Communication

When communication is lacking, it can lead to planning inefficiencies, project delays, and solutions that fail to meet quality standards.

IT Bottlenecks

The burden of a backlog makes it challenging for IT to keep up with the pace of demand for solutions from the business.

Legacy System

Legacy systems and skill shortages are impeding the organization’s ability to transition to a new way of working.

limit agile development

Transition to Agile made easy with Low-Code

Agile principles, such as flowing communication, higher productivity, and faster development, bring significant business value. However, organizations may face cultural barriers when trying to adopt these principles. Low-code development offers a solution by providing a visual approach that prioritizes key Agile principles, including:


Enabling clear visibility into project progress and decision-making


Encouraging regular communication for shared project goals
and updates.


Promoting teamwork and knowledge-sharing for successful project outcomes.


Enabling agile and efficient response to changing project requirements with minimal disruptions.

Transitioning to Agile with Low-Code Development: A Guide

Low-code empowers organizations to adopt Agile principles and practices at their own pace by providing a platform for building apps at speed and scale.


Step-by-Step Transition

Transitioning to Agile can be a gradual process, especially for organizations with legacy systems. Low-code allows for low-risk testing of the process, allowing you to start with a small project and test and deploy changes quickly and easily.


Hybrid Approach

Use waterfall for planning and design and Agile for development and testing
in short sprints, or replace daily Agile meetings with a twice-weekly Kanban board.


Full Transition

When you’re ready to adopt Agile across your organization, low-code provides the scalability and flexibility to make the shift. After implementing a step-by-step or hybrid approach, you’ll have a strong foundation in place to fully transition to Agile.

Mendix: Built for Agility

The Mendix low-code Platform is designed to embody the fundamental principles of the Agile Manifesto. It fosters collaboration between business and IT for efficient and high-quality app development, enabling organizations to quickly respond to changing needs and user expectations.

Collaboration Tools for Communication

Mendix’s collaboration tools aid communication, app sharing, feedback gathering, and iteration. Visual development environments allow stakeholders to see requirements in action.

Modernizing Legacy Systems

Mendix provides the tools to extend, migrate, and replace legacy applications for maximum agility, no matter where you are in your legacy modernization journey.

Agile Tools in the Mendix Platform

Mendix supports Agile principles with tools for app lifecycle management. It’s open, extensible, and integrates with third-party tools, legacy systems, and custom code.

Staying Agile

Mendix enables one-click deployment for continuous integration/continuous deployment to any environment. Built-in tools support app delivery, improvement, and iteration.


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