Low-code development platforms have revolutionized the way applications are built, allowing businesses to accelerate development cycles, reduce costs, and increase agility. 

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What Is Low-Code Governance?

Low-code governance is a set of guidelines, policies, and controls that organizations establish to ensure the secure, compliant, and effective use of low-code application development platforms. The goal is to establish a set of guardrails that enable development teams to work with low-code platforms safely and responsibly while minimizing the risk of errors, security breaches, and compliance violations.

One of the key benefits of low-code governance is that it enables enterprises to maintain visibility, insight, and control over every aspect of the application development lifecycle. This is especially important given the increased accessibility of low-code platforms.

By establishing clear rules and processes for low-code development, organizations can ensure that everyone involved in the development process understands their roles and responsibilities and adheres to best practices and get the most out of it.

Mendix’s low-code governance

Mendix gives businesses the building blocks they need to adopt a low-code governance approach by applying governance to the four Ps of digital transformation: people, process, portfolio, and platform.

Person: Your Team

The success of your Mendix team depends on the individuals you select, so governance begins with making sure you can identify, evaluate, and grow talent. It’s crucial to have complete control over who has access to what within your company. Delivering the proper governance framework depends on having the capacity to control who can plan, build, deploy, and manage apps.

Utilizing the Mendix Community and Academy for Low-Code Talent Development

Mendix Community

The Mendix Community is a platform where users can find partners and talent to help them achieve their app development goals.

Stay Up-to-Date and Empowered

The community also provides updates on product releases, meetups, documentation, webinars, and Mendix Academy content, making it a one-stop-shop for all things low-code.

Mendix Academy

The Mendix Academy, a global learning academy, offers classroom training, allowing organizations to tailor employee onboarding experiences and build in-house low-code expertise.

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Access Management with Mendix Control Center

Mendix Control Center offers a comprehensive view of the organization’s activities, accessible only to Mendix admins. It provides control over who has access to the platform and what actions they can take, ensuring a secure and compliant development environment.

IAM Platform

IAM platform provides secure access control management


Management of member certifications and activities

Platform Access

Deactivation of platform access for members as required

The DevOps Process

Mendix fosters cross-team cooperation by enabling developers of all experience levels to produce successful, value-driven projects. A single team may create, update, and support apps using our DevOps capabilities while still following enterprise governance norms and specifications.

Centralize collaboration with the Mendix Developer Portal

The Mendix Developer Portal allows you to set up and manage user access and project roles for your team members, ensuring that everyone has the appropriate level of access to the project.

Manage user access and project roles

Track development progress with version control

Collaborate with team members and prioritize feedback from end-users

Configure deployment, monitoring, and alerts for your applications

Choose when and how to upgrade your apps

Control your DevOps practices

Use standard or custom DevOps tools and services in the Mendix Platform to accelerate app development and delivery. Built-in automated testing and quality monitoring, along with APIs and toolsets for creating bespoke DevOps practices, help establish a DevOps strategy.

Low-code DevOps practices

App Development

Use Agile project management methodologies like Kanban or Scrum to manage app requirements with Mendix Epics


Integrate third-party DevOps and CI/CD tools using open APIs


Enable multiple developers to work on the same project in parallel using Git version control

Apps in your Portfolio

Your low-code application landscape may be planned, managed, secured, and scaled using Mendix’s technologies. Mendix assists teams in avoiding technological debt, shadow IT, and wasted resources by providing planning tools to align development priorities and a single view of your whole app portfolio. Optimize your app portfolio with Mendix Mendix Portfolio Management empowers you to manage your app portfolio effectively, from ideation to delivery. Prioritize and allocate resources for the projects that matter the most, and communicate the value of your solutions to stakeholders.


Prioritize projects and allocate resources based on their business value and potential impact


Organize and structure your app landscape for better visibility and easier management


Plan and categorize your solutions to ensure that they align with your business objectives and meet user needs

Monitor and Control Your App and Data Portfolio with Mendix

Mendix provides real-time visibility and control over your app and data portfolios. You can monitor app status and activities, manage cloud environments, and scale your data portfolio using Mendix Connect. Additionally, Control Center allows you to govern both your applications and data sources while controlling who can manage and curate them.


Continuous Monitoring of Application Status for Optimal Performance and Reliability


Manage cloud environments and proactively check for updates and maintenance


Scale your data portfolio using Mendix Connect and control data source ownership and management

Platform: Your set-up

A reliable low-code platform with built-in security and governance capabilities is Mendix. Your developers don’t have to worry about technical security issues because the Platform takes care of everything. It also enables teams to create custom experiences for Platform users and end users.

mockup platform

Ensure Robust Security with Mendix

Mendix is a highly secure low-code platform that adheres to standard security and accessibility best practices, ensuring that your applications meet the highest possible security standards. The platform handles known security threats in both the runtime and cloud environments and complies with third-party security certifications and assurance reports.

Security Measures

Implement reactive, preventative, and defensive security controls

Vulnerability Management

Manage vulnerabilities through a comprehensive vulnerability management program


Regularly conduct platform penetration testing to identify and address potential vulnerabilities

Identity Management

Utilize integrated identity management support to control user access and permissions

Accelerate your Low-code Journey

Mendix empowers teams to quickly build and deploy enterprise-grade applications by providing a low-code platform with a wide range of features. With Mendix, you can rapidly develop, deploy, and iterate applications to achieve digital transformation goals.


Develop high-quality applications with minimal coding required


Leverage built-in machine learning and AI capabilities for intelligent automation


Easily integrate with third-party services and systems


Scale your applications as needed with cloud-native architecture


Accelerate time to market and quickly adapt to changing business needs


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