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Integration is a critical aspect of any modern software system, and Mendix provides a range of tools to simplify the process. One such tool is the data-hub, which enables seamless integration with external data sources. With the data-hub, Mendix developers can easily connect to APIs, databases, and other systems, allowing them to access and use data from a variety of sources. This makes it easier to build powerful and flexible applications that can meet the needs of users in different contexts. The data-hub is just one example of the many features that make Mendix a powerful platform for building enterprise-grade software applications.

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Simplified Data Integration:

Drag and Drop with Ease Our platform offers a streamlined approach to data integration that simplifies the process for developers. With external entities, users can easily access remote data sources and drag-and-drop the required data into their applications. 

The Mendix Connect Catalog, an open and standards-based metadata repository, is designed to allow both developers and business domain experts to explore data resources within their connected ecosystem. 

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Streamlined Self-Service with Mendix Connect Catalog 

Say goodbye to complex integrations, developer hand-holding, and redundant data queries. The Mendix Connect Catalog simplifies the process of finding and understanding data, all in one convenient location. With Mendix Connect’s External Entities, you can rest assured that your team is using data in a safe and consistent manner. Spend more time focusing on your business goals and less time worrying about data management with the streamlined self-service provided by the Mendix Connect Catalog. 

Streamline the Transition from Monoliths to Microservices with Mendix Connect 

Transitioning from monolithic applications to microservices can be a daunting task, but with Mendix Connect, the process is made simple and streamlined. Build reusable components and microservices quickly with seamless access to enterprise data. And with the Mendix Connect Catalog, sharing them with your team has never been easier. Discovering and managing dependencies is effortless, making the management of your new landscape pain-free. Accelerate the phasing out of monoliths and embrace the future of microservices with Mendix Connect. 

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Seamlessly Leverage iPaaS Data with Mendix Connect 

With Mendix Connect, integrating and leveraging the powerful capabilities of iPaaS platforms has never been easier. Our platform is designed to take advantage of specialized integrations and data preparation features offered by iPaaS providers, making those capabilities actionable for a wider range of individuals. By bridging the gap between low-code solutions and iPaaS data, developers and business users alike can seamlessly access and utilize valuable data to drive better outcomes. Bring the power of iPaaS data to your fingertips with Mendix Connect. 

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Recognize the benefits that Mendix Connect offers in terms of control, speed, and collaboration.

Recover more than 30% of the developers’ time

Drag-and-drop is all it takes to create apps that use external data.

Boost Team Productivity with DIY Systems Creation`

You may simply find other people’s data and easily make your application data visible with only one click.

Create and oversee larger-scale systems

Complex and uneven integration logic across opacity landscapes is no longer a source of concern.


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