Mendix Teamcenter Connector

Mendix Teamcenter Conector is a modern, scalable and adaptable Product Lifecycle Management licensed under Siemens PLM Software that connects people and business processes across various silos. Simply put, it helps users take control of product data and processes starting from Designing phase to manufacturing and delivery phase all in a single Application environment which can be accessed in a browser or a Native client. Processes including 3D CAD / CAM designing, electronics, embedding software, documentation, Bill of Materials (BOM) can all be handled in Teamcenter.

Mendix Teamcenter Conector  greatly increases the returns by leveraging the product and process information across different domains like cost, designing, manufacturing, quality, engineering, compliance, services and the entire supply chain. This reduces the dependency on external tools and usage of disjoint platforms to achieve the end goal.

Teamcenter Connector

By integrating Mendix with Teamcenter and leveraging the tools already offered by Teamcenter, it allows us to rapidly build and deploy an Application or part of a larger application complementing and enhancing the features offered by Teamcenter.

Example includes building a simple Issue / Change Management Tracker for End Users in Mendix which communicates with Teamcenter Change Management Module. With its plethora of features and vast set of functionalities Teamcenter can be complex and time consuming to learn and operate for a new User. Additionally, there is a risk of unwanted actions caused by providing access to customer data for the New User. By introducing a Mendix Application in between, the End User does not need to be given access to Teamcenter environment or understand how Teamcenter works and needs to focus on the raising Issues and Change Requests in the Custom built Mendix Application. This in turn communicates with Teamcenter by storing, retrieving and updating Issue details along with Attachments, Revisions just as if the End User is operating on Teamcenter. It simplifies the tracking of a Change and Change Revision in Teamcenter with its easy to understand Issue ticket in Mendix using simple User Input forms and Navigation Activities.

Siemens built Teamcenter has SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) API’s which are Teamcenter functionalities exposed as a library for consumption by external Applications written in JAVA Language. The Teamcenter Connector built for Mendix creates a wrapper around these SOA API’s and helps Mendix Developers communicate with Teamcenter over a secure, reliable network. We can perform all actions supported by Teamcenter Foundation Module like creating a generic Item, reading, writing and updating the item along with Item Revisions and Attachments.

Mendix Teamcenter Connector Domain Model

The Domain Model in Mendix offers an abstract way of describing the Information and its flow in an Application. It consists of Entities and their relations that are represented by Associations. The Mendix Teamcenter Connector Domain model represents the Core PLM Module Business Object (B.O) types and their properties.

We have the liberty to extend this Basic Domain Model to build our own Domain Models which correspond to different operational Modules in Teamcenter like Change / Issue Management, Manufacturing Process Management or Service Data Management etc.., Each of these modules in Teamcenter have different entities and their relationship hierarchy. But they all extend from Core PLM Module. Similarly, we can extend the Base Domain Model in Mendix to suit our Business Requirements for other modules.

Consuming Teamcenter Services in Mendix

All the actions supported by Mendix Teamcenter Connector are provided as JAVA Actions within Mendix. Once the module is imported and basic configuration like Teamcenter AWC (Active Workspace) Endpoint and FMS (File Management System) Endpoint are input, we can run the Mendix application and start executing the Java Actions in order to communicate with Teamcenter services. 

Services offered by Teamcenter Connector 2.0 for Mendix

Services offered by Teamcenter Connector 2.0 for Mendix