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Transform your enterprise with Mendix’s low-code platform and unmatched digital transformation expertise. From planning to maintenance, our industry-leading capabilities enable you to develop, test, deploy, and extend game-changing enterprise apps with ease.

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All in one Platfrom

Robust tools for development team Mendix’s low-code collaboration tools ensure seamless team alignment and communication for project success.

Visual Language

Mendix facilitates real-time idea sharing, feedback gathering, and collaboration by providing a common visual language and model-driven development approach, enabling effective business-IT communication and teamwork.

Powerful Version Control

Mendix Version Control enables collaborative app development with Git, allowing multiple users to work together on different features at time. It tracks changes, merges code, & ensures safety, empowering efficient & reliable development.

Collaborative Workspace

The Mendix Developer Portal provides a dedicated project space for each app, equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools for Agile project management, collaboration, backlog management, feedback management, and DevOps.

Agile Project Management

Mendix simplifies project management by offering built-in tools for Agile methodologies such as Kanban and Scrum. Our platform enables teams to collaboratively create, refine, and prioritize user stories using conversation threads.


Mendix offers cloud-native development by default, providing a containerized and portable platform for enterprise application development. With Mendix, developers have the flexibility to deploy and scale their applications anywhere — public, private, or hybrid clouds or on-premises.

This results in low infrastructure overhead, auto-provisioning, auto-healing, and cloud interoperability for their applications.


Deploy apps anywhere with Mendix’s flexible options


Scale apps easily with Mendix’s powerful features


Customize DevOps workflows with Mendix’s tools


Migrate between cloud providers with Mendix’s services

Cross-platform UI and UX

Mendix simplifies the development of offline-first mobile apps, PWAs, and responsive web apps that provide consistent and engaging multi-channel experiences across various touchpoints.

CPQ is available in different versions (Browser, Phone and Tablet) and accessible from anywhere

Open and Extensible Platform

The Mendix Platform and its applications offer unrestricted opportunities for customization and extension. Its openness and extensibility at all levels allow teams to adapt Mendix to the specific requirements of their organization and enhance the capabilities of their applications.

automation cycle

Integration with Existing Tools and Automation Suites

With the Mendix Platform, you can extend your capabilities by integrating your existing tools and automation suites. This integration allows for easy collaboration and faster development cycles.

Reusable Components with Java and JavaScript

By building reusable components with Java and JavaScript, you can extend the capabilities of your applications in the Mendix Platform. This approach enables the creation of complex and powerful applications with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

java script
learning kit

AI/ML Integration with the Mendix Machine Learning Kit

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the Mendix Machine Learning Kit. This integration allows for the implementation of open AI/ML models into your applications, enhancing their capabilities and providing superior user experience.

Seamless Data Accessibility in

Mendix offers seamless accessibility to data, enabling users to access the required information in a timely and efficient manner. Here are four points highlighting the universal accessibility of data in Mendix:

Data Activity

Mendix enables monitoring of data activity, ensuring transparency and accountability in the data management process.

Data Access

Mendix enables efficient application development with reusable components, microservices, and seamless data access.

Data Sources

Mendix Connect External Entities ensures the secure and accurate use of external data sources.

Data Visualization

Mendix offers real-time data visualization with charting and BI tool integration for informed decision-making.

Control your data with
Mendix Connect

“Take control of your data with Mendix Connect, providing a secure and consistent way to access and manage data across various applications and platforms.”

Integrate external data with standard protocols

“Integrate external data with ease using standard protocols with Mendix Connect External Entities for secure and reliable data management across various applications and platforms.”

secure data

Security & Governance

Mendix, the most secure low-code platform, offers a comprehensive security approach with built-in controls for both the platform and apps, including proactive, reactive, preventative, and defensive measures. In addition to automated quality monitoring and testing, Mendix provides standard DevOps and governance tools and allows teams to create custom practices using open tooling.

As a Mendix partner, Prolim can help organizations maximize the potential of the platform, ensure secure application development, and implement best practices in governance and DevOps.

Manage and control access:

Control who is allowed access and what they are allowed to do in the Platform

Tailor your DevOps

Use built-in DevOps tools or create your own with the Platform’s open tooling

Govern without limits

Mendix enables secure application development with user-based security, version control, automated testing, and admin suite

IoT Solution architecture captures, processes, and analyses data from connected devices.

Intelligent Automation Process

Mendix enables fast and scalable modernization of operations with native workflows, allowing teams to add complex logic visually. Developers can create workflow apps with advanced logic, integrations, and reusable components.

Mendix facilitates the modernization of legacy processes and the creation of new automated workflows.

Teams can design seamless and scalable workflows to modernize manual and legacy processes using Mendix.

Mendix ensures compliance of all processes with internal and external requirements.

Existing RPA tools can be leveraged to automate processes using Mendix.


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