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Mendix enables low-code app development with visual modeling for web and mobile

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Mendix Visual Modelling

A low-code development platform called Mendix Visual Modeling enables users to construct applications without using conventional coding. Using the platform’s visual approach to the application creation, users may rapidly and easily build complicated applications by dragging and dropping pre-built components and connecting them. Because the visual modeling environment is simple to use and straightforward, both seasoned developers and individuals with little to no coding knowledge can utilize it.

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Mendix is a visual modeling platform for building and deploying custom business applications. Here are three key points about Mendix visual modeling:

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Drag-and-Drop Interface

Mendix provides a drag-and-drop interface for building custom business applications without needing to write any code, making it easy for non-technical users to create data models, user interfaces, and business logic.


Mendix is designed for collaboration, with features like version control, commenting, and sharing, enabling teams to work together more effectively on application development.

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Rapid Application Development

Mendix enables rapid low-code development, allowing developers to focus on high-value tasks while leaving the low-level details to the platform, reducing time-to-market and improving agility.

Benefits of Visual Modeling:

Faster development and greater agility with Mendix’s visual modeling.

Application Models

Human-readable application models will assist you and your business team improve communication.


Simplify internal systems and automate complex activities to streamline operations.

Pre-Built Models

Using pre-built models and deployed applications will accelerate the delivery of important business applications.


Provide engaging digital experiences to maintain consumer and staff satisfaction.


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