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Finding an adaptable approach to a ever – changing challenge. 

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Determining the right process automation solution can pose a significant challenge.

Large organizations often have numerous departments operating on a variety of processes that have been digitized or automated to varying degrees.

These departments frequently seek IT’s assistance in addressing their outdated workflows, while others resort to using freemiums and macro-rich spreadsheets to solve their own problems. However, both scenarios can be risky and require a sustainable, long-term solution, with the choice of which scenario is more alarming being somewhat debatable.

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Choosing the right automation platform for your business needs.

IT is under pressure to automate quickly, but short-term solutions don’t work in the long-term. Legacy automation solutions are outdated and not sustainable.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA automates repetitive, rule-based tasks but can easily break and lacks scalability. Low-code apps offer end-to-end automation and integrate easily with RPA bots. 

Business Process Management Software

BPMS is complex and lacks intuitive user experiences, while low-code platforms like Mendix offer scalable, collaborative process automation with modern UI, mobile capabilities, and easy integration with new tech. 

Commercial off-the-shelf Solution

COTS templates can’t automate beyond their scope. Customizing them is costly. Low-code platforms deliver customizable apps fast.


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