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Mesh Modeling Capabilities in Solid Edge

A mesh is a complex system of grid points that overlay the model geometry. The mesh contains the material and structural properties that define how the structure reacts to certain loading conditions.

Mesh Modeling in Solid Edge

Utilizing the mesh modeling capabilities in Solid Edge requires a CAD file that has first been converted to mesh—potentially from traditional B-Rep geometry.

Fence select a portion of the part, for example, the box in the image below, and push or pull it across the model.

Mesh Modeling     Mesh Modeling

Use the steering wheel to move that object up or down, adjust the height, as in the cylinder below.

Mesh Modeling     Mesh Modeling

Copy an object and move it across the face of the model.

Mesh Modeling

Use the steering wheel to rotate a face—simply move the steering wheel to the edge of a face and then move it to change the angle of that face.

Mesh Modeling

Delete features, like rounds or chamfers. Grab faces, hit delete on the keyboard, and they’ll disappear from your model.

Mesh Modeling

Replace Face Command: Replace a face on the mesh body with a surface you have created.

Mesh Modeling     Mesh Modeling


There’s some great functionality in Solid Edge that allows you to use Synchronous Technology on mesh models to make some easy, creative changes.


As part of the What’s New in Solid Edge 2019 video, you can see the above mesh modeling capabilities. Take a look on our YouTube channel.



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