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MindSphere Connect Plus


Industrial organizations are witnessing the transformational business benefits made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). To capitalize on this opportunity, many organizations have begun embedding internet connectivity in their machines and other assets. However, it can still be a struggle to visualize and analyze device data in away that drives business value. Making this transition from simply collecting device data to putting that data to use is a key transition that customers need to make along their IoT journeys. MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens, can help. The MindSphere Connect Plus packaged solution provides the soft – ware and services you need to confidently implement two key IoT use cases – asset management and condition monitoring. With this package, you can quickly build dashboards to identify, classify, profile, inventory and track physical assets to provide service in the most cost-effective manner. You can also identify and report faults in managed assets by monitoring key parameters such as vibration, temperature, humidity, sound, speed and acceleration.

What you get from this white paper

  • Transparent asset health and status
  • Automatic alerts for assets requiring service
  • Reduced asset downtime
  • Easy-to-implement, secure connectivity for diverse factory assets
  • Robustly and securely store machine data on the cloud
  • Prebuilt dashboards showing asset condition

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