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Solid Edge

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Solid Edge is the most proficient, hybrid 2D/3D design system on the market. With Synchronous Technology, designing assemblies and managing workflow is fast and easy—in fact, design times can be up to 100x faster than the competition! Get started with it today!


Save 10% on NX CAM Software + Get 1 FREE 3 Axis Post Processor

Need a partner in the CAM space? Look no further. Reduce your time to market and increase your engineering efficiency by utilizing Solid Edge or NX CAM 2.5, 3, 5 Axis Milling, plus turning and more. Get started now with this integrated solution!


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NX is the most powerful, flexible and innovative product development tool in the industry. NX offers the features, performance and capabilities to help you get products to market faster than ever before. NX design tools help you accomplish design tasks much more quickly than other CAD systems—reducing development time by up to 30%!

Training Promotions

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We stand by our training as some of the best, but we understand you can’t really know that unless you give us a try. Check back often for our rotating training promotions, including discounts and tech gadgets!

We offer training for NX CAD, NX CAM and Solid Edge.