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MultiMech for Simcenter 3D


Simcenter Multimech is a material modeling and simulation platform that works on multiple scales. The software extends the finite element method’s versatility and robustness down to the microstructural level, tightly coupling macro and micro mechanical responses and thus combining materials engineering and part design. Simcenter Multimech aids companies in shortening the product development cycle by forecasting how, when, and why innovative materials will fail.

What you get from this white paper

Simcenter Multimech is a component of the Simcenter 3D system.


  • Converting a Simcenter Nastran model to a multiscale model should be easier.
  • Modeling of progressive damage, including crack initiation and development, must be correct.
  • For any multiphase material, provide a generic framework and microstructures can be generated automatically.
  • Reverse engineer the properties of constituents and make allowances for variation caused by the manufacturing process.

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