New Capabilities in Teamcenter Change Management

When an organization has global product development teams spread across geographies, their philosophy is generally going to be “design anywhere, build anywhere.”

With this philosophy, however, comes the need to track and integrate product change across the entire company—otherwise, collaboration becomes pointless when you’re not working with the same CAD data. You need visibility on ongoing changes, and change control on highly configurable products that need to be altered for customer demands and preferences.

Doing so means that change needs to be synchronized across the product modifications itself and all the downstream assets: tooling, equipment, operations, assemblies, plant layout, etc.

Teamcenter Change Management: A Brief Overview

With Teamcenter change management, you have the power of the PLM backbone to help you make smarter decisions and driver smarter changes.

A common change solution across all Teamcenter modules supports integrated control of all assets from requirement management, product and configuration definition, design, manufacturing planning, documentation, shop floor work instructions, and after sales and services.

Teamcenter change management also provides comprehensive impact analysis to help you understand the impact that a change has on data, people and processes across functions, departments and regions. For example, if there is a change required in a sub-assembly, you’d find out all the products and requirements that are impacted, plus if there would be any impact to manufacturing processes, tooling, plant layout, etc.

New Teamcenter Change Management Capabilities

Here are a few of the new updates for Teamcenter change management:

  • Automation of change tracking process for new content and new revision
  • Automatically track structure changes (BOM edits) and display in change summary table
  • A new revision created becomes the solution item for the change notice
  • Support for multiple users who can author solutions and relate it to change notice to manage complex changes
  • As Planned/As Released baseline report to see a summary of the planned changes for documents associated to a structure
  • Simplified overview of change includes most relevant information (for example, attribute change, revision change)

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