New in Solid Edge 2023: Solid Edge Inspector

We hope you are as excited to dive into everything that’s new in Solid Edge 2023. We will be releasing a series of blog posts about some of the most noteworthy features new in this year’s release of our market-leading product development software portfolio, starting with the all-new Solid Edge Inspector.

Released on October 12, Solid Edge 2023 from Siemens Digital Industries Software gives you the product development tools you need to create, connect, and collaborate. Solid Edge 2023 delivers a new streamlined user experience, greater interoperability with the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, and improved capabilities and collaboration across common workflows.

Minimize Product Development Time

Because of the reliance on people to identify, label, and extract crucial design information, the production process is lengthy, arduous, and frequently riddled with errors. Solid Edge 2023 introduces Solid Edge Inspector, which provides the digital manufacturing capabilities required to eliminate human error in product inspection by automatically labelling critical design characteristics, the ability to generate automated reports, including first article inspection reports, and much more.

Solid Edge Inspector, which is now available in Solid Edge 2023, eliminates human error in product inspection and manufacturing by automatically labeling critical design characteristics, generating automated reports, and other features.

Automatically Identify and Label Critical Design Characteristics

By automatically recognising design attributes, Solid Edge Inspector provides a smooth and easy downstream manufacturing process. Capabilities for identifying and extracting extend from 3D PMIs to 2D sketches. The easy and automatic extraction of information provides you with high-quality data, which ensures quality management. Inspector provides management with piece of mind during the manufacturing process by eliminating the possibility of human error.

To assure success in all phases of the production process, Solid Edge Inspector employs unique identifiers, often known as balloons. These balloons contain critical information, which is then relayed to the maker. These unique identifiers remain with the product throughout its entire lifecycle, regardless of changes or iterations. The data contained within these balloons is also used to generate first article inspection reports (FAI) into Microsoft Excel.

geo data
Solid Edge Inspector uses unique identifiers (balloons), as shown in this example.

Generate First Article Inspection Reports

First article inspection reports are critical to the success of any manufacturing process. These reports are used to confirm that a product met preset standards during the inspection process. Historically, these reports were created by hand. As a result, the reports were littered with inaccuracies that took time to correct. Solid Edge Inspector can not only generate these reports automatically, but it can also do so in a fraction of the time that a human would. The initial article inspection reports are generated automatically based on the data in the design or model.

Time is obviously valuable in all phases of the production process. As a result, efficiency is more vital than ever before. Solid Edge Inspector has enhanced features that will aid rather than impede the downstream production process. Solid Edge Inspector’s automatic labelling of essential design attributes is 80 percent faster than traditional labelling approaches. Solid Edge Inspector will significantly improve the manufacturing process by utilising robust, automatic labelling capabilities and generating automatic reports, saving companies time and money.

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