On-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Bryan Fischer

Next Generation Design with NX

Brief Summary of Webinar:

Next Generation Design with NXIn this webinar NX CAD Application Engineer, Bryan Fischer, will be covering the power of NX and the digital twin. He will be taking a design from concept to manufacturing. He will be creating a concept using NX CAD realize shape (a subdivision modeling tool) and then taking it to a detail part using the reuse library and wave geometry. He will then show using Product manufacturing information (PMI) on a component and how PMI can be directly imported into a 2d drawing. Additionally, he will take this information and put it into 3D PDF. He will then take this design and show some FEA results using SImCenter and using the digital twin to make a design change from these results. From these results, he will show a toolpath being changed in NX CAM from these same results. All of this will be done in the NX inference without having to ever leave one platform.


Presenter - Bryan Fischer

Application Engineer with extensive experience in various CAD programs. Over 20 years’ experience working with NX and Teamcenter software. Excellent background in mechanical designs, tool design, free form modeling, GD&T and Stack Ups.

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