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NX 12 CMM Blog

How is your current response time for machine inspections? Do you feel like you waste time waiting for design changes to come through, and re-programming your parts?

What would you do if you had more time on your hands? Could you create more analysis for the data environment or get your product to market faster for your customers?

One common denominator when it comes to engineering is time. Time to market, time for enhancements, more time for design. The list goes on and on. NX 21 CMM has new features and DMIS imports to help speed up that process and utilize resources to ensure the fastest response to CMM inspection time. This helps build advance CMM tasks, giving engineers more time to spend on other tasks. How does that sound?

So, ask yourself again, “do you feel like you are still wasting time?”. Quit, questioning yourself, and start being proactive about technology and the processes you are using.  Catch up with NX CMM and learn how to go faster.

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