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NX 12 Flange Enhancements

NX 12 has been a well-received release for Sheet Metal users. This blog highlights some of the new features available for sheet metal, particularly in terms of the flange.

Improvements in NX 12

The flange is an essential feature in sheet metal design. NX 12 has seen improvements by adding:

  • Multi-Edge Flange: Multiple instances via list-based edge selection
  • Each item list supports:
    • Multiple edges
    • Intelligent internal mitering as needed
    • Common parameters
    • Bend reliefs for bend outside

Enabling multiple instances results in fewer features, improved performance, and productivity.

Enhancements in NX 12.0.2

The flange command has also seen further enhancements in NX 12.0.2. There’s now a new length measurement method and an additional placement option.

The flange length can be defined by a tangent measurement method that’s consistent with the DIN6935 standard measuring the feature of an obtuse (internal) angle from the outside intersection point and from the face tangent for acute angles, typical for Vernier caliper measurement methods.

Outside intersection measurement.

Face tangent measurement.

Inset options.

The inset options have also been revised to include an additional “Material Inside” option for greater control of position.

Interested in getting started with NX 12? You can sign up for an NX free trial!