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NX 12 Video: Managing Orphaned Child Features

In this short tutorial, PROLIM Application Engineer, Brandon Carter, demonstrates improvements to the “Delete Feature” regarding orphaned child features in NX 12.

Brandon is looking at a basic plastic part that he modified with an extrude, then added draft, edge blend, shell and some strengthening ribs. When he deletes the extrude, all the child features then disappear.  

This, of course, is the default action in NX. 

NX 12 now gives you options with these orphaned features. Let’s look: 

  • Go to “Customer Defaults.” Underneath “Modeling,” then “General,” and then the “Edit” tab, you’ll find the “Delete Child Features” options. 
  • There’s a drop-down selection next to “Delete Child Features” that offers several options for you, if you’re planning on deleting a parent part. 
    • Yes: This will automatically delete the child features. This is the same behavior that occurred when Brandon deleted the original extrude feature. 
    • No: This will not delete the child features. 
    • Ask: You’ll be prompted by the system to either delete or save child features when a parent feature has been deleted. 
      • If you select “No,” the child features will still disappear, but they’ll remain on your “Part Navigator” window under “Model History.” You’ll see a red X next to each one, indicating that they’ve been removed from the sketch. But now you can add another feature to replace a parent feature. 
  • This same option is available under “Modeling Preferences,” if you go to the “Edit” tab. 

With NX 12, you now have more flexibility to decide what you want to do with any orphaned child features. 

Still learning about the new features in NX 12? We have you covered with plenty of content and instructional videos. 

Stay tuned for more short tutorials! 

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