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NX CAD 12 Feature2Cost

Digitalization is something we see happening all over the place.  Think about when you order groceries.  Whether you are shopping in person, ordering online, or simply having the groceries delivered to your doorstep, digitalization is involvedThe status quo is constantly changing.  

 So, if you aren’t getting with the times, new technology will pass you by. This doesn’t just apply to grocery shopping, but how we pay bills, the way we think about completing tasks and the ability for companies to run more efficiently.  

 How awesome would it feel, if you could help your company reach a monumental break through?  Could you save your company time or money?  What about be more productive to drive innovation? 

 Siemens is a solutions provider like non-other. When they implement products, they do so with the long-term in mind, focusing on the small details.  NX CAD Feature2Cost now offers a way for tooling manufactures to accurately and automatically determine production costs of a variety of tooling solutions. Siemens has advanced their technology so much that finally, even manufactures can enjoy the finer things in life! 

 So, now think about your company’s processes and software.   Does your software allow you to predetermine the cost of production, or solution align the best fit for the job? If your answer is “NO” then it’s time to look at NX CAD 

 If you are looking for a solution, or just want to brainstorm how you can advance your company, then Siemens PLM has a solution for you.  

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