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NX CAD Continuous Release Information & Understanding

With the newest release of NX CAD, there is so much more excitement around “Breaking the Barriers to Innovation.” So, what does this mean? Learn how to advance your knowledge and simplify workflows with technology driven commands to assist your working environment.

This release of NX CAD has the most productive modeling environment ever seen. This modeling can transform the workflow and speed up processes for assembly. This function has added benefits to speeding up product creation, designs, workflows, etc.

NX Continuous Release applies 2D graphics and textures onto a 3D model as 3D geometry. This is truly an advancement in this software’s capabilities. In addition to these interactive movements and geometry, there’s the ability to edit facet bodies using Morph Mesh. Morph Mesh allows you to interactively edit convergent bodies using subdivision methods with the ability to rapidly modify complex shapes.

NX understands the impact of design by creating shadows, curves and silhouettes. This kind of collaboration gives suppliers a quicker start using the technical data package offered. For ease of usability, built-in templates where created to allow for effortless publishing to industry file formats.

The capabilities are endless with this latest release, NX CAD loads your assemblies faster than native modes. Driving this force of advancement helps identify features to drive accurate tool cost calculations with Feature2Cost.

There is now tighter integration between electronic design solution and NX CAD. Electromechanical Design simplifies the MCAD-ECAD design process, allowing enhancements and support of RF PCBs. This addresses the thermal workflows; the routing collaboration and improvements expedite capabilities in NX CAD.

Learn how to validate your machine designs with reverse kinematics in mechatronics concept designer. Mold, Tool & Die, play a greater factor in the newest release, which helps boost tool design productivity.

Experience the new release and learn NX CAD commands with in-session demos using First Assist. Siemens has integrated artificial intelligence with adaptive UI to predict next steps and improve workflows to enable your team to operate quicker than in previous releases. Siemens recognizes technology trends and tries to help to introduce to customers before the demand comes. Receive functional enhancements quicker with the continuous release and streamline designs for quicker with immersive visualization.

Interested in more information, contact us at: market@prolim.com.

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