NX CAD Formability

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Don’t believe it’s that simple?

How Do I Flatten This Crazy Shape?!

If you work with sheet metal design, you know it’s pretty simple to create a flat pattern of a relatively simple shape. Creating a bracket or square casing? You can flatten the #&!@% out of it. But what about a complex shape? And if you eventually get it flat, how do you know it’s done right?

NX CAD One-Step Formability not only flattens complex shapes, it provides an in depth stress analysis showing where thinning and deformation may occur. The video below walks you through it.

We have a need to flatten items that are twisted, concave, or convex. We chose NX CAD One-Step Formability, it flattened everything we threw at it. We’ve gained a 50-60% increase in productivity along with better accuracy and quality.
Ryan Gudorf -CAD/CAM Supervisor Budde Sheet Metal Works, Inc

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