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NX CAM Feature-Based Machining

This Snackbyte video covers the ease of using feature-based machining in NX 12.

In this video, PROLIM NX CAM application engineer, Tony Lisle, demonstrates how easy it is to use the tools in NX CAM to find features of your workpiece, group them, create operations and generate tool paths.

Let’s recap this video by looking at the steps Tony takes.

Feature-Based Machining

  • Find the features of your workpiece.  
    • Use the “Machining Feature Navigator” to find all features along the Z vector or axis. 
    • This command will find all features the program can recognize, displaying them in red. 
  • Group the features. 
    • Highlight all features in the Machining Feature Navigator, then “Group” the features. 
    • In the “Geometry View,” you can see all the features that are grouped together as like features—all the features that have the same variables. 
  • Create feature processes and operations. 
    • Select all features and create feature processes from the Machining Feature Navigator.  
    • In this video, Tony creates all milling and drilling operations. 
    • NX CAM will search the library to determine all the associated it tools it needs to drill or mill the defined features. Then, it will create operations associated with them. 
    • In the “Operation Navigator,” you can see the operations of each sub program. 
  • Generate tool paths. 
    • Start with the program parent when you create a tool path. 
    • After generating the tool path, you can see a list of all tools used and verify that the tool paths and operations were created correctly. 

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