NX CAM Manufacturing Setup Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

Presenter: Tony Lisle

In this webinar, we’ll discuss best practices for setting up your Manufacturing CAM Environment using the Master Model, Associative Blank Geometry, and a Vise Assembly. First, we’ll create and add these components into our CAM file, constrain, and link them. Next, we’ll make necessary changes to the linked geometry for manufacturing purposes without disrupting the Master Model. Then, we can define our MCS location and our Workpiece Geometry (Part, Blank, Check). Once that is complete, we can inherit Cut Areas into operations, saving valuable time. Creating Holders and Operations will follow. Finally, we will Post Process and deliver Shop Documentation to the shop floor operators.

The following workflow will be reviewed and demonstrated:

  • New CAM File
  • Master Model
  • Create Associative Blank Geometry
  • Add Work-holding
  • Assembly Constraints
  • WAVE Geometry Linker
  • Manufacturing Changes as needed
  • MCS & Workpiece definition
  • Tools & Operations
  • Post Process & Shop Docs

About Presenter

Tony Lisle has over 20 years of experience in Manufacturing for multiple industries including Injection Mold, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and the Steel Industry. His Manufacturing background includes roles as a Manufacturing Lead/Shop Foreman, Senior CAM Programmer, CNC Programmer, and Machine Operator.

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