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NX CAM Robotics Programming


NX CAM Robotics software lets you design, simulate, validate, optimize and offline program your industrial robots for machining-type tasks. This solution greatly increases the efficiency and quality of these high-precision, multi axis robotic operations. Featuring the intuitive and widely-accepted NX™ software 3D environment, the software combines the simplicity of CNC programming with the power to accurately create, control and simulate complex robotic machining processes.
Associative updates, a key benefit of the entire NX system, make it easy to accommodate change orders since the robotic programming can be refreshed when design changes occur.

What you get from this white paper

  • Quickly create complex motion programs
  • Validate programs graphically for faster startups
  • Easily provide production-ready output
  • React quickly to change orders with associative motion paths
  • Eliminate translation steps and reduce IT costs with a single platform
  • Set your own robotics rules to maintain flexibility
  • Streamline programming with process automation at all levels

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