NX CAM and the Potent Association

NX CAM solution comprises of a suite of comprehensive digital and manufacturing design solution enabling the user to choose and pick the specific tools and methodologies, which would be most apt for your design. With powerful features including the ability to work in direct connection with design data of varied CAD systems, NX is uniquely positioned to enable you to work much faster than the general CAD tools.

In its repertoire, NX also has solutions wherein productivity can be completely re-defined with an array of integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE solutions. NX makes the most of HD PLM Technology Framework in order to enhance the decision making process going through each & every step of the product development process. NX also simplifies and automates designs by harping on the product and process knowledge of the practical experiences of companies along with the best practices within the industry by including tool designers, which in turn could be used to gain knowledge and inculcate the ability in order to automate tasks which are repetitive in nature; this drastically reduces the costs and cycle times while maintaining and constantly improving quality.

NX CAM is an all-in-one system providing a full set of toolpath processors (i.e. drilling, turning, axis milling, wire EDM etc.). It could be purchased either as a single stand alone NC programming unit, or a CAD/CAM solution provider, or possibly just a CAM data management and tool library solution provider. It (i.e. NX CAM) is an integral and vital component of an entire part manufacturing solution.

The complete suite of NC programming has the capability to address a wide range of industries; its advantages include, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • State-of-the-art capability in areas such as high Speed Machining, supporting multi-function machine tools, 5-Axis machining etc.
  • It has an exhaustive program functioning package including turning, fixed axis milling, basic milling and drilling, feature based automated programming etc.
  • With a Windows user interface NX CAM is extremely user-friendly; the content of the display menus are graphical, thereby enabling even the common man to use this potent system.
  • It is armed with the most advanced CAD functions including drafting, surface modeling to assemblies and feature based modeling.
  • Its body of automated tools helps to carry out tasks much faster even though they may be repetitive in nature, much easier to learn and thereby to use.
  • It has a world class technical support team through the UGS Global Technical Access Center (GTAC).
  • It includes CAM data management, resource management, extensions for tool libraries along with part process planning.

The robust association of PROLIM and NX CAM has come of age to take on any challenge on your behalf with the sole objective being to facilitate your journey be it in industrial styling, tooling & fixturing, or for that matter machining or product analysis…it’s PROLIM all the way throwing you the gauntlet- are you ready for the challenge!!

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