NX – Chamfering Multiple Hole Sizes in NX CAM

NX – Chamfering Multiple Hole Sizes in NX CAM

NX Tip of the Week – February 27, 2015

Sometimes you may have parts that have holes with different diameters and also different chamfer sizes. There is a new operation in NX CAM that can simplify chamfer operations. The new Hole Chamfer Milling operation can easily chamfer a variety of diameters and chamfer sizes. The Hole Chamfer Milling operation is new in NX10 although it was actually released in a later Maintenance Release of NX9 (NX9.0.2). The example below illustrates how to use the new operation.

1) In the part shown below you will notice holes that vary in diameter and chamfers with different depths:


2) When defining the tool make sure the diameter is smaller that the smallest hole you will be chamfering and also be sure to define the tracking point:


3) Select Hole Chamfer Milling operation:


4) Specify Feature Geometry by selecting the holes to chamfer:


5) Generate the operation and notice each of the holes have been chamfered:


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