NX – Creating Dimension Line Breaks with NX 10

In this week’s PROLIM PLM Tip of the Week, we will take a look at creating Dimension Line Breaks in Drafting with NX 10.
1) Edit the Settings of the desired dimension(s). Right click on the dimension and go to Settings:


2) Expand “Line/Arrow” and select “Break”. Turn on “Create Breaks”. Notice you can adjust the size of the break here as well:


3) Click Close on the Settings Dialog.

4) Now drag the dimension around and intersect the others. NX will automatically create the dimension line break. Notice it is fully associative and understands where it needs the break:


5) For more information on what’s new in NX 10 Drafting, take a look at our “What’s New in NX 10 CAD: Part 1 and Part 2” Lunch Byte.

Click HERE to watch a video of this tip:


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