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NX Design for Manufacturability with DFMPro

Manufacturers often have a disconnect between product design and manufacturing. Have you seen this before? If so, this blog is going to interest you…

In order to be prosperous in the marketplace, every company must improve BOTH manufacturing and product design. Together they must reduce cost and increase quality on a continual basis. So, how do we change what the norm is for so many and become a collaborative wheelhouse for years to come?

Data tells us that consumers and customers are drawn to the “new” features, functions, capabilities, etc. So, how do you develop new product designs and make minor tweaks all the way to production? If it is all manual work for you today, my advice would be to automate your processes and see what benefits NX can bring to your team.

DFMPro for NX is a CAD integrated Design for Manufacturability & Assembly (DFM/A) solution which allows the designer to automate manufacturability checks. DFMPro assists design engineers to identify features of a design which are difficult, expensive and impossible to manufacture, all at the beginning of the design stage. This reduces downstream issues which impacts cost, quality and time to market.

The ROI will shock you. What if you were suddenly able to do 2X the amount of design work? How much more efficient would you be? How will this impact your future product development and manufacturing?

Want to design difficult models faster, minimizing expense and limiting the impossible? If so, make the logical choice to design with NX with DFMPro. Let NX change your user experience for the future.

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