NX – Extending the Resource Bar Past the Command Ribbon in NX 9

NX – Extending the Resource Bar Past the Command Ribbon in NX 9

In this week’s PROLIM PLM Tip of the Week, we will take a look at a solution or option to adjust your resource bar height relative to the command ribbon in NX 9.

1) First of all, notice the screen shot below. My resource bar is extended all the way to the top of my screen upper left hand corner). I want it to go back to the default where it extends to the base of the command ribbon as well as is docked and I can see the content. Also, notice I am using the right border bar in which I have a few commands customized. It is also extending up past the ribbon:


2) The first step is to pin the dialog open. If you are not familiar with this, just click the pin on one of the tabs in the resource bar:


3) Now the resource bar will stay out in the graphics area.

4) We then need to go to Customize to adjust how the resource bar extends up past the command ribbon. Right click in the ribbon and click Customize:


5) Click on the Layout Tab:


6) Change the option from Graphics Window to NX Window under “Ribbon and Bottom Border Bar Extent”:


7) You will get a message stating you need to restart NX for the changes to take effect:


8) Click OK then Close to get out of Customize

9) Exit your NX session and restart NX.

10) Notice the resource bar is back to the default. It is pinned open and the resource bar only extends up to the command ribbon:


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