NX – Finding Assembly Constraints Associated to a Particular Component

NX Tip of the Week – May 30, 2014


  • We can determine if a part is Fully Constrained, Partially Constrained, or Unconstrained by looking at the Position column in the Assembly Navigator:


  • You can see all the Assembly Constraints under the Constraints area. However, this list is all of the constraints in the assembly. The more components, the more constraints:


  • I like to use the Dependencies group to see my constraints associated with a particular component. Make sure you also turn on the Detailed View button. This will allow you to select a particular component and see only the constraints associated to it:


  • If you go and edit or create Assembly Constraints, you can click the back arrow to get back to the previous window:


  • In NX 8.0, the Constraint Navigator was added:


  • You can sort/group the Constraints in different ways. For our discussion here, choose Group by Components:


  • I can now select the component in question and branch open to see the Assembly Constraints in question:
  • To summarize, we can use the Constraint Navigator starting with NX 8, to help find Assembly Constraints associated with a particular part. You can also branch open the Dependencies group and select Detailed View to see those constraints.


Click HERE to watch this demonstrated in the video:

Brandon Carter
Senior Application Engineer

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