NX – Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many keyboard shortcuts in NX that can help speed up your design and manufacturing processes. Keyboard shortcuts save mouse travel and reduce the number of mouse clicks needed for a variety of functions in NX. There are many predefined keyboard shortcuts within the system. You can also customize the system to create your own keyboard shortcuts. The steps below will show you where to locate the keyboard shortcuts that are already defined in the system and how to create your own keyboard shortcuts:

1) Many common NX functions have keyboard shortcuts already assigned. The keyboard shortcut can be seen in the “Tool Tip.” This example shows that “Ctrl+Alt+T” is the shortcut to orient to the Top view:


2) To display a complete list of existing keyboard shortcuts go to Menu > Information > Custom Menu Bar > Shortcut Keys:


3)You can also create your own shortcut keys by going to File > Customize:


4) In the Customize dialog, select “Keyboard…”:


5) In the Customize Keyboard dialog, locate the Command you would like to assign a shortcut key. Specify the shortcut key and then click “Assign”. In the example shown below the letter “G” is being assigned to the Generate command in the Manufacturing Environment:


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