NX – Making Changes to Linear Dimensions on a Drawing Sheet

NX – Making Changes to Linear Dimensions on a Drawing Sheet

For this week’s Tip of the Week, I will show you several options to tweak your existing linear dimension style. If you want global options, you need to change the parameters in drafting preferences on the template. I will show you this process in subsequent tips. In this example, I will focus on making changes to an existing linear dimension on a drawing sheet including inside orientation, outside orientation, text aligned to dimension line and dual dimension.


The next step is common to all 4 dimension modes demonstrated within this tip – right click on the Dimension > Settings:


1) Inside dimension arrow orientation: Choose Line/Arrow > Arrowhead. Under Dimension Side 1, choose the In option.


3) Text aligned to dimension option: Expand Text within the Settings box then select Orientation and Location. From the dropdown, choose Text Aligned to Dimension Line:


4) Dual dimension option: Choose Dual then select the preferred unit:


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