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The NX Master Model and NX CAM Downstream Associativity

This Snackbyte video looks at the capabilities of the NX Master Model, as well as the downstream associativity available in NX CAM.

In this video, PROLIM NX CAM application engineer, Tony Lisle, demonstrates how easy it is for all NX files to update together, thanks to downstream associativity. First, though, let’s talk about what makes this possible: the Master Model.

What is the Master Model in NX?

Typically, when you have a 3D model, you’ll start adding drafting, PMI, assembly and CMM Inspection data, plus animations and CAM operations, to your file. All that data can make the file so large that you can’t even rotate the 3D model.

In NX, you can break this data up into multiple files so that no one single file is carrying too much data. In the Master Model concept, you’ll create your 3D model, then create files that are linked to it, but are still separate. So now you can add in all the data and operations mentioned above, without slowing down your operations.

This also allows you to isolate your files for specific team members. Multiple people can have multiple applications open at the same time.

What is downstream associativity?

In the video, Tony has three different files open that are all separate, but connected: the 3D part, a blank or raw material, and the NX CAM environment. He’s also already established operations in the CAM environment. 

Tony decides to make some engineering changes by moving the front faces. After updating the faces, he updates the tool paths to reflect the changes to the model.  

The downstream associativity is the updating between these files. When you make an update to one file, all the other files automatically update, too. Updating the geometry and changing the tool paths in the NX CAM environment means the geometry gets updated in the original 3D model sketch, too, and the blank file updates the box shape to reflect the changes. 

Would you like to see a Snackbyte about a specific functionality in NX CAD, NX CAM, Solid Edge or Teamcenter? Send us a Tweet at @prolimglobal or leave a comment below!  

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