NX on Microsoft Azure Powered by AMD: Facet Body to Realize Shape Demonstration

With NX on the cloud on Microsoft Azure powered by AMD you can experience every tool inside NX. Watch here on a facet body converting to realize shape inside NX. See how you can do the same below!

Siemens NX on Azure is:

Powerful – Your CAD experience is now seamless and responsive because NX runs on Azure servers that are optimized for the CAD use cases. Windows Virtual Desktop runs on GPU enabled virtual machines with multiple Microsoft Azure performance options  – select from 4 to 32 CPU cores, 14 to 112 GB RAM, and 2 to 16 GB GPU memory.

Flexible – NX supports streaming from Microsoft Azure using Windows Remote Desktop protocol, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), or partner solutions. Workspot is an award-winning Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider that provides a turnkey service for quickly deploying performance-optimized, enterprise-class workstations running Siemens NX. As a cloud-native service, Workspot delivers low-latency, high-performance and secure streaming from any Azure region globally. Each customer is fully isolated on Azure for maximum security. Learn more about Workspot cloud desktops on Azure.

NX on Microsoft Azure and Workspot

Secure – Your CAD data is now more secure than ever because it can also be stored on Microsoft Azure next to your NX cloud streamed instance, which in turn means it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and on any device without copying and transferring data. Data is secure because it does not leave your cloud environment. CAD data access can be controlled throughout your engineering team and company, no matter the size.

Scalable – This NX solution provides quick deployment with no need to purchase or update physical servers and workstations. The number of CAD users can also be scaled up and down based on current business needs. You can now innovate with peace of mind without the worry of procuring and managing any new hardware. Sleep easy knowing your cloud environment is backed by Microsoft Azure, providing unrivalled uptime and availability.

Cost Effective – NX can be easily streamed from Microsoft Azure to any computer, saving you money by simplifying implementation and maintenance, while reducing implementation cost as well as reducing the total cost of ownership for your CAD software deployment.  You can easily access CAD data in NX on any computer, even from a lower hardware specification laptop. You no longer need to purchase, manage, and upgrade expensive workstations which are replaced with an affordable usage-based service fee from Microsoft Azure.

“Siemens NX on Azure has enabled us to provide customers instant remote access to NX with no downloads, installs, or configuration.”

George Rendell,
Vice President of Product Engineering Software

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