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NX – Snap to Object

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When modeling in NX there are many times where we want to extend a shape to another shape. For example when using “Pull Face” in Synchronous Modeling, we want to pull a face to be parallel with another existing face on the model. Of course, we can measure the distance between the 2 faces and input that value into the dialog. However, there is a shortcut that can save you time and avoid the possibility of accidentally inputting an incorrect value. The steps below will show how to use “Snap to Object” in the Extrude command when creating blank stock to be used in NX CAM. Keep in mind that “Snap to Object” is available in multiple commands in NX.

1) This is the part that I will be programming using NX CAM. In modeling, I will create a blank shape representing the raw material:


3) Since I want the extrude to extend to the front face of the part I will use “Snap to Object” by right clicking on the blue arrow:


4) Then I will simply pick the face I want to extend to:


5) As you can see, the extrude is now extended to 5.6″ which is parallel to the face of the part:


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