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After an in-depth analysis, Ural Locomotives decided to deploy Siemens PLM Software solutions to produce the Lastochka for several reasons: First, it would facilitate the use of a high level of local content; second, Siemens’ software is compliant with the Russian unifed system for design documentation (ESKD) engineering standards; third, Siemens PLM Software has a highly capable product lifecycle management (PLM) deployment team in Russia, and fourth, Ural Locomotives determined that Siemens’ products offer the most advanced digitalization solutions. This includes systems-driven product development, cost and value engineering, digital engineering analysis and product requirements validation technologies.
A well-coordinated Siemens PLM Software technology deployment led to rapid end-to-end digitalization. It took less than three years to launch an industrial grade production of the Lastochka trains. The local content of the product is as high as 80 percent.
The digitalization began with the deployment of Teamcenter® software for product data management (PDM) and NX™ soft – ware for computer-aided design (CAD). Concurrently the designers received CAD training to enable them to design the Lastochka train based on the DESIRO RUS platform.

What you get from this white paper

  • Reduced time-to-manufacture by 40 percent
  • Reduced CNC machining time by 30 percent
  • Launched industrial-grade production of Russia’s first modern high-speed electric train in less than three years
  • Obtained Russian certification Used as much as 80 percent local content

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