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NX & Teamcenter Workflows

NX and Convergent Modeling help eliminate rework from the ground up. The underlying position Convergent Modeling assists with is the ability to import scan-line points or scanned point clouds as facetted mesh data. This helps clean up the facetted point cloud data including snipping, hole filling, smoothing, remeshing, decimation, and subdivision. This process is very dynamic and allows the user to visually experience first stand all these changes. Through Convergent Modeling within NX the data and drawings are stored inside of Teamcenter. So, every change, is accounted for, every revision is documented. You will never have to wonder if you are using the most up-to-date version again.

What part does Teamcenter play?

In addition to these benefits NX and Teamcenter add to any design or manufacturing environment, there is also the ability to assign roles to different personal. This means you can position an Engineering Designer with “editing rights,” where he can edit any drawing, he has access to see. Generally, there are typical roles assigned based on job functions such as an editor, checker, and viewing rights. These roles can be changes according to roles and responsibilities, however, this is how Teamcenter allows you to control your design to part functionality within your own company.

Apart from the ability to improve product design and manufacturing, this integration of NX and Teamcenter allows employees from multiple workstations around the world to access and edit documents. The changes made in various workstations are all distributed simultaneously allowing all organization and communication to be crystal clear among different departments.

PROLIM Deployment & Enablement:

If organization, document revision, and control are areas your company can improve the investment of NX and Teamcenter combined is the right option for you. The most important thing to keep in mind is Teamcenter allows your company to completely customize your workflows, interface and day-to-day operations to make your environment easy to use.

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