NX – Using “Paste Inside with Reference” in NX 9 to Copy Manufacturing Operations

NX Tip of the Week – July 16
Using “Paste Inside with Reference” instead of “Paste” to copy operations from one workpiece to another can save time when you need to make changes to operation parameters in the original operation. With this new functionality in NX9 when a change is made to the original operation, the operations that were pasted with reference will automatically change.  You no longer need to change each operation which saves a lot of time especially if you have several identical parts in the same setup. To use this option:
Step 1 – Right click on the operation and select “Copy”:

Step 2 – Right click on the second workpiece and select “Paste Inside with Reference”:

Step 3 – Notice the “Linked” status in the Path column and the original operation in red signifying it is the “Parent” of the copied operation:

Step 4 – Make a change to the original operation and generate:

Step 5 – Notice the change is reflected in all operations that were “Pasted Inside with Reference”:

Chad Varney
Application Engineer

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