NX – Using Visualization Tools to Analyze Your IPW in NX CAM

NX – Using Visualization Tools to Analyze Your IPW in NX CAM

NX Tip of the Week – December 12, 2014
There are visualization tools in NX CAM that can really help you visualize the In Process Workpiece (IPW) while you are creating machining operations. It is very important to know exactly how much material is left on your part when selecting the next tool and operation in the machining sequence. Using “Show Thickness by Color” and “Clip Section” can greatly enhance your capability to analyze the IPW. Here are some steps to use these functions along with some examples of where they may be beneficial.
1) Use Verify and 3D Dynamic to display the IPW:

2) Use Show Thickness by Color to display the IPW. The different colors show the different amounts of material left on the part:


3) While in the Thickness by Color dialog you can select various points on the IPW by simply left-clicking on the IPW in the graphics window.The value shown is the amount of material left at that particular location:


4) Use Clip Section to slice the model and IPW to better visualize areas that are difficult to see:


5) Move the Manipulator to the center of a hole to check hole depths and diameters:


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