Presenter: Matt Beisel

NX1980: Simplified Tool Holder Creation

Brief Summary of Webinar:

In this webinar, I will be explaining and demonstrating the new feature of “simplified tool holder creation” in NX1980. Programmers often have the task of getting tool holders models into in their programming environment to ensure there are not any clearance issues. Doing this work takes time and must be accurate. With the tool holder import wizard time spent managing the tool holder database will be drastically reduced. The goal of this webinar is to familiarize NX CAM users with the new tool that easily imports tool holders into the tooling library.


  • Background information of how NX manages tools, tool holders, devices..etc.
  • Discuss programmer’s current challenges and how the challenge of managing tool holder data can be alleviated with NX1980.
  • Demonstrate the new method of importing solid tools in NX1980.
  • Discuss specifics tool/holder/device databases.
  • Review best practices and tips for importing tool holders into tooling library.


Presenter: Matt Beisel

Matt is Mechanical Engineer specializing in CAM with over 20 years of diversified experiences within CAD and CAM. Matt’s manufacturing experience focuses on post processor development and machine simulation using the latest manufacturing technologies.

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