On-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Jibin Oommen

O&G Industry: Enhancing the extraction efficiency with minimal failures using CFD

Brief Summary of Webinar:


There have been many incidents reported in the past few decades about the failures during the extraction of resources under the Ocean bed. Incidents like structural failures due to vibrations, gas leaks, wave loading, collision between parts due to flow induced motion, corrosion, are few which can be named.
These failures can be predicted & diagnosed in early stage of the system design & development virtually. CFD software can help virtually analysis all these fluid related problems leading to structural failures and helps us to make the necessary design change early. This eventually leading to avoid the upstream and midstream failures hence we can increase the extraction by reducing the idle condition of the system.
This webinar is intended to demonstrate the how these challenges can be addressed using STAR-CCM+ taking consideration of real time scenarios getting formulated as boundary conditions.

In this session, you will learn how technologies:

  • Understanding the importance of CFD technology in O&G industry
  • What STAR-CCM+ has to offer to address the challenges
  • Explore the Design Explorer to simulate various parameters simultaneously!


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