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Design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis ensures that a printed circuit board (PCB) layout passes manufacturing requirements before production begins. This process often takes days of going back and forth to adjust the design. As part of the Xcelerator initiative, Siemens Software has created a cloud-based solution that reduces validation to minutes. Designers can log in to the secure online service and run DFM analysis against data from a selection of PCB manufacturers to select the one that most closely matches their needs for production.

The combination of DFM and easily working with a capable manufacturer early allows designers to maximize the quality of their products. The result of design-executed DFM based on specific manufacturing requirements also means fewer callbacks and higher yield for the manufacturer. This paper describes the new tool and provides some use-case examples, as well as testimonial from an early adopter.

What you get from this white paper


  • Learn the barriers to shifting DFM to design
  • Ensuring manufacturability for designers
  • Learn how PCB flow works

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