PDM vs. PLM?

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What are the major differences between PDM and PLM? Does it matter which on you use? Is there significant value to one over the other? Let’s find out!

If you are trying to figure out which route to take, let’s explore.   PDM is product data management and PLM is product life cycle management.  So, what does this mean?

PDM manages part designs, documents and bill of materials or (BOM). PDM is used to manage engineering data and improve collaboration, even across multiple lines of business.

But what about PLM?  PLM is the process of managing all the information and processes that surrounds product development.  This allows for engineering, manufacturing, procurement, purchasing, services, and sales to be involved with product development.  Therefore, PDM is a small part of PLM.

So, you’re probably thinking, where does this leave me? Both PDM and PLM help improve your overall productivity and profit margin. If you are a smaller company, PDM will help you get off the ground running. But if you’re a company with processes and departments in place, PLM makes more sense.

Also, you can start with PDM, and then advance into PLM.  This is where most companies start.

You should consider making a change to increase revenue, decrease product cost and reduce development costs.

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