Performance Improvements with ST6 MT6 for all Solid Edge Insight and TC Users

Hi all Solid Edge Insight
and TC users,
There are performance improvements made with ST6 MP6 that I wanted
to share with you.
Limited Update and Limited
Save (must be requested for ST6 but will come standard with ST7):

You need to request the add-in

with request for 64 bit only and I will request permission from Siemens).
You will get a link to download the add-in (64 bit) that delivered the ST6 UI
to get access to this functionality in ST6 MP6.

For each client this add-in
needs to be loaded and registered by the following procedure:
Copy the contents of the
downloaded zip file into the Program FilesSolid Edge ST6Program folder (or wherever you loaded Solid Edge if not loaded to the default location).
Locate the file
registerLimUpdate64R.bat (one of the files copied into the Program folder in
step #1) and double click it.
This will register the Add-In so Solid Edge
can see it.
The add-in will make available
the following UI located in the Large Assembly tab (which should be newly
created by the Add-In).

Assembly features – Fix to increase performance if you use many assembly features:
After MP6 is installed, please add the following registry key…
In order to realize this fix in ST6 MP6 and forward, you have to add ‘MembassyBindOnce’ as new DWORD (32-bit) value in the registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareUnigraphics SolutionsSolid EdgeVersion 106DEBUG] hive.  To turn it ON or enable these fixes, its value has to be set to 1.  0 turns it OFF or disables these fixes.
Reverse Property sync: 
Make sure this is on by checking after loading ST6MP6 …
The dll provided in the fix does this by creating registry key enableInsightRPS = 0 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREUnigraphics SolutionsSolid EdgeVersion 106SolidEdge_Insight
O is so it does not do reverse prop synch saving time on the download
1 is so that it does do reverse prop synch taking more time on the download
Madison Rye, Application Engineering Manager

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