PLM 2.0 – The Zenith of Innovation or a Prequel

Business challenges are growing in parallel with business process enhancements every day, which includes global competition, pressures of meeting the ever-changing regulatory compliance, higher customer expectations, time to market, internal and external costs among others. PLM 2.0 offers a paradigm shift in totally redefining the PLM market, with a focus on users creating, consuming and remixing Intellectual Property. As summarized beautifully, “PLM 2.0 is to PLM what Web 2.0 is to the Web, harnessing collective intelligence from online communities…” PLM 2.0 uses the Web as standards-based integration platform enabling users to build and share content real time.

The PLM 2.0 platform is a potent SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) enabling quicker and more efficient integration solution with Siemens Teamcenter and other PLM Platforms. PLM 2.0 or the QuickPLM helps the customers with prompt integration enabling better collaboration, enhancing usability and providing optimum cost savings. The architecture principally leverages on XML message, and acts on requests by using proprietary calls in export or Import, either for creating or extracting or for that matter building BOM, generating file ticket for datasets etc. It is an effective Master Data Manager, which leverages on each system’s strength of data ownership as the Part master and Teamcenter as the CAD master. PROLIM’s PLM 2.0 methodology has some unique PLM offerings including consulting and products, which like always looks to deliver the best business value with an effective and efficient cost optimization package; Prabhu Patil, the CEO of PROLIM summarizes it beautifully by saying: “The QuickPLM Platform Solution is a robust solution helping companies drive PLM initiatives forward while simultaneously enabling enterprise automation by integrating PLM platforms and ERP solutions for real-time information sharing across heterogeneous systems.”

PLM 2.0 is most definitely the game changer, and PROLIM being at the vanguard of innovation within the Product Lifecycle Management community has reached out to a wider user base giving an unparallel user experience in terms of technology, the ease of use and a readiness to provide a complete 3D online environment to experience products virtually. PROLIM’s PLM 2.0 provides a robust framework to support clients who haven’t been introduced to the PLM technology, and with its unique offers both for technology as well as services draw them to experience a new world; for seasoned clients with an already potent PLM platform, PROLIM provides highly seasoned consultants for developing key process indicator (KPI) baselines, a clear PLM strategic guideline, solution architecture, along with a seamless implementation plan looking to leverage technology from the major solution providers in order to give its seasoned clients a full product lifecycle experience.

PROLIM’s thorough and methodical approach has benefited new and existing customers greatly by:

  • Engaging with them completely with long term customer satisfaction in mind.
  • Supporting them 24/7 with multiple applications.
  • Showing them within a short span of time 5-10% improvement in Productivity.
  • Reducing greatly their inventory applications.
  • Reducing greatly the Product development time.
  • Reducing greatly their Total cost of ownership (TCO).

PROLIM’s PLM 2.0 offer has been a trail blazer in the product lifecycle management space and possibly is the prequel to take innovation to newer heights don’t be left behind.

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