PLM Careers What You Need to Know

Technology is becoming more and more logical, methodical and analytical. PLM Career, the demand for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software is on the rise, for greater efficiency in the product development process. The advantage of PLM Software is that it combines business processes, solving a number of business needs.

To stay ahead of the competition, companies today are adopting PLM, when designing a new product or solution. They are continually evolving their product and services to reduce cost, faster time to market, improve quality and remain competitive. PLM is one area which is seeing a lot of growth.

Therefore, there is an increased demand for experts in the PLM arena. But, does it really matter what kind of skill set, expertise you have in order to be successful in PLM? Yes, it does.

Understanding the Right Expertise with Relevant Experience

There are two broad categories for PLM tasks.

  1. PLM Thought Leadership
  2. PLM Implementation Expertise

PLM Thought Leadership is all about enabling Innovation of Product Development by leveraging PLM. This requires “management consulting” mindset to understand clearly pain points, voice of customer (VOC), analyzing the landscape and come up with an innovative cost effective Solution. We call this “QuickPLM”.

PLM Implementation is typically PLM engineers configuring PLM systems like Teamcenter, integrating PLM system with CAD tools like NX, CATIA, Creo, Solid Edge, SolidWorks etc. To configure a PLM system you require engineers having knowledge of product development process. As this has a direct impact on the user, a well configured PLM system will have happier users.

For customizing the PLM system, the employee needs to have solid IT skills. Customization needs both engineering and IT, since the developer’s requirements have to be identified and then implemented.

Diverse Set of Team

No one criteria fit any role perfectly. Therefore, you should aim to hire a set of employees who can not only configure the system but can also customize if required. Hiring fresh undergraduates may be cheaper, but depth and insight only an experienced employee can offer. Therefore, you should hire a mix of fresh and experienced talent.

Apart from the above, the employee should be flexible and be open to learning, and be passionate about his job.

What an Employee Gains

Apart from gaining the knowledge and expertise, being part of the team also offers a unique opportunity to work on international projects with high added value using the latest technologies. They are challenged to deliver innovative projects, effectively collaborate across industries and geographies, and given opportunities to share their ideas and expertise.

Why Career in PLM @ PROLIM?

PROLIM has an array of consulting and services on its portfolio of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Engineering Design.

Our experts, tools, and methods facilitate customers to plan, implement, and realize global strategic schemes, gaining greater efficiencies in the entire product lifecycle – development, management, design, and production.

PROLIM has successfully provided best-in-class project management methods on multi-platform expertise in CAD / CAM /CAE / Digital Manufacturing tools & technologies. To ensure real-time assessment project control over quality, schedule, and customer satisfaction.


As you create your PLM team, keep in mind the following key points:

  • Focus on gaining an employee with the right skills and experience
  • Check if he/she has the right temperament with a Can-do and Will-do attitude
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Have industry knowledge

Want to learn more about PLM careers at PROLIM? Check out the PROLIM career section on our website. We could have just the job for you!

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